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Secrets I Learned…from Cats

Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats

Author: Rosemary Augustine

Price: $12.95

Publisher: Blue Spruce Publishing Company

ISBN-13: 978-09644711-4-6

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Author Reveals Secrets

Six kittens were born to a feral momma cat somewhere near Berwyn, PA in the spring of 2005.  Not long after the momma moved her six kittens to a safer location, she was found dead in the road… leaving behind her 5-week old kittens.  A local vet technician rescues the kittens and a pet sitter introduces the kittens to their future human companions.  On an afternoon in late May of that year, one of their potential human companions visits the orphaned kittens and is instantly smitten with one feisty black kitten and the quieter stripped one.  Within an hour, the human companion returns home with two male kittens – a grey stripped tabby and a black and white tuxedo … later that night to be named Ziggy and Zack. 

And so the story begins … Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats is a series of quick verses that sends every feline to the front of the line for wit and wisdom for life.  Ziggy and Zack demonstrate a talent that translates into valuable life skills for humans in our everyday living.   Here are just a few of their Secrets that makes cats the best companions:

1.  Cats are Smart.  Ziggy learned at a tender age of 3 months how to open the screen door – by watching me grab the latch and slide the door to the left.  After a few watchful glances, he was opening the screen door for me.

2. Cats are Good listeners.  They can hear even when there is no sound, long before others wince at the noise.  They hear danger at night and love at sunrise.  They even hear your breath during a long hot summer daze.  Cats focus on the positive even though we live in a negative world.

3. Cats are Poised Animals.  Cats are so grateful yet humbled when you share your meal. And flexible for the days when they need to jump hoops or bend over backwards to please others.

4. Cats are Funny.  Whether they are curled up asleep on the chair or laying on their back watching TV, they most enjoy watching you laugh since they know it releases your neck tension.

5. Cats Love Unconditionally.  Every cat is special and can quickly win your heart.  However, it is what they do that makes you crazy with their silly antics, daring feats and quiet presence.  They know you love them despite all they do and they love you back unconditionally.

It goes without saying, Ziggy and Zack made a difference to me at a very significant time in my life.   Instantly we bonded as family.  However, as kittens, these two felines were quite a handful and at three months old, taught me tricks about life that gave me instant pause.  As a result, I looked at life from a very different perspective while watching ordinary kittens change into adult cats. It took my breath away, and in the end, I decided to reveal their “secrets.”

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A native of southern New Jersey, Rosemary Augustine spent most of her adult life living in Colorado and returned to the Philadelphia area in 2001.  An writer since her teens, this is her fifth published book.  She also authored 365 Days of Creative Writing, Facing Changes In Employment, How To Live and Work Your Passion and 29 Things to Do.  Rosemary  makes her home in Melbourne, FL with her famous kitty Ziggy, the featured feline that is the book.

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