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Where My Creativity Blends…

With My Life-long Passion!

Rosemary Augustine, artist, author and a career coach for 20+ years, is highly creative using various forms of art over the last 15 years as part of her coaching process.  As an Artist, Rosemary offers a unique approach to creativity through creative writing and creating art.  Whether you are looking for creative ideas, inspiration, information about journaling, creative writing classes, wanting to publish a book, find your passion or just want to learn how to think outside the box, you are at the right website! 

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A Journal Aficionado, Rosemary’s creative endeavors include watercolor and acrylic painting, mixed media art, art and travel journals, designing and developing hand-crafted journals as well as daily writing projects.  She is the author of seven books including 365 Days of Creative Writing and Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats.  She also write several blogs and is active on social media.  She maintains an Etsy Shop to purchase her hand-craft items.

Rosemary helps you get focused through an age-old medium that generates ideas and opens doors never imagined – all through the medium of daily journal writing.  Whether you are seeking help in life, love or business, Rosemary recommends a daily journaling practice to achieve your desired results.  

If you are seeking purpose to your work, direction in your life and overall joy in your day-to-day living, these pages will offer you this and more.  

If you are willing to pursue a path of self-discovery, you’ll find that here, too.  If you’re not sure… that’s OK!   Welcome my friend, and may you find what you are looking for along your path.

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Rosemary Augustine

750 Old Lancaster Road,  Berwyn, PA 19312


Email: Rosemary Augustine