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Journaling Ideas

How To Inspire Your Daily Journaling Practice

  • Journal everyday – preferably in the morning when you first get up – before all the distractions.  Use a notebook, store bought journal or handcrafted one, and pen, pencil and/or  colored markers.  A 15 minute practice each morning will usually yield the 3 pages Julia Cameron calls Morning Pages in her book The Artist’s Way.

  • Suggest you write in long hand vs. keyboarding as your journal.  The short-term and  long-term benefits are not achieved when only keyboarding in your journal practice.

  • Journal every day.  Don’t worry about what you are writing, just keep the pen to the paper.  You may find you write or sketch and either is fine.

  • Exercise gratitude each evening:  list 3-5 or 10 things you are grateful for that day and write them in your journal.

  • Practice writing circles or swirls with both hands simultaneously.  Watch how you resist your non-dominant hand.  Work at it to improve writing/printing with non-dominant hand.

  • Commit to  30-day Play Dates – for the next 30 days, find something each day in your favorite color and write about it for 5 minutes.  Stretch your imagination.  If you don’t see your color, pretend you did and write about it.  Exaggerate your story.

  •  Schedule Play Time in your busy schedule… Yes! let go and play … have fun… take a nap… sing, skip, paint… do something different… and something playful.

  • When you journal, incorporate color on the page with a pen, colored marker or paint.

  • Use the stickers found on fruits and vegetables – paste one on a blank page.  Draw a picture of the fruit or vegetable that the sticker came from….  Write on the page about your life as this fruit or vegetable.

  • Carry a small notebook with you at all times (and of course a pen too) to jot ideas, words and/or phrases for using later either in your journal or your writing works.

  • Keep a journal on your night stand, for writing in the middle of the night (can’t sleep?) or for noting dreams upon awakening.

  • Re-write the ending to your favorite childhood story with you as the lead character.

  • Set a timer to write… set a timer to be creative…  stop when the time is up!  Later continue to spill creative ideas from this timed exercise in a pocket journal.

  • Get Out and About… My favorite –  going to a coffee house and listening to conversations… this will often spark something I want to write about.

  • Regular journaling taps into your core essence developing and expanding your creativity.

  • Morning Pages – as described by Julia Cameron in The Artist Way – is great way to get started if not familiar with journaling.

  • Best of all… Journal daily for 10-15 minutes… no excuses!  If you say you have no time, then all the more reason why you need to journal everyday for at least 10-15 minutes.  Make the time!  You’re worth it!