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Journaling Circles

Journaling Circles

Spark Your Creativity!

What is Journaling Circles?

Journaling Circles is a group of people (the circle) who like to journal, write, play and be creative. Some will sketch others will use paints, markers and maybe even glitter. Some come to the group and have no creativity whatsoever and leave inspired, uplifted and a new found feeling of creativity. Beginning April 2015, we now come together online to explore our personal creativity. We play and free write from prompts. We create shapes, designs and embellish our “works of art” with colored pens, pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, glitter, stamps, stickers or whatever else you feel inspired to add and enhance your “art journal page.”

How Did Journaling Circles Start?

An inspired creation of Artist and Author Rosemary Augustine, Journaling Circles first began in Denver Colorado in 2001 and later moved to MeetUp.com September 2011 meeting in King of Prussia, PA and later finding a home at Panera Bread in Gateway Shopping Center, Wayne, PA. As the founder and facilitator of Journaling Circles, rather than disband the group when she relocated out of state to Florida in 2015, Rosemary Augustine took the group online. Join our email list to participate.  


What We Do Today

We write, we draw and we color.  Spark your creativity by joining us each month for Journaling Circles.  You don’t have to be a writer or even have a daily journaling practice to participate.   Nor do you have to be creative – but you will once you participate.  Each month is filled with creative exercises to spark your inner spirit and help with your art journaling practice, inspiring change, personal growth or improve areas in your life.   

Join My Mailing List

 To participate in Journaling Circles, join the mailing list. Periodically prompts will be provided and you work from there…work at your own pace.  Share your finished “works of art” with others on the mailing list… simply by emailing us. 

Tools Needed to Participate 

A journal (preferably one with blank pages),

pens – any color gel or ink pens,

colored pencils or markers – watercolor pencils are acceptable

your option to use watercolor or acrylic paints, glue, glitter and plenty of imagination.  

 Look forward to your creative spirit joining us!

 Consider hosting a Journaling Circles at your Home or Office. 

Contact Rosemary for Details.