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Live and Work Your Passion

How To Live & Work Your Passion

By Rosemary Augustine

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Why NOT Live and Work Your Passion?

Today, a growing majority of the population wants to work at something they really love to do.  Frustrated with years of working in Corporate America and stifled by repeated downsizing and corporate burn out, individuals seek purpose and meaning.  Knowing they need to work beyond retirement, why NOT do something they love? 

For many, something stands in the way of achieving the dream of living and working your passion – everyday.  Frustration with constant change, uncertainty with the economy, family obligations, fear of failure, and a variety of other personal obstacles.  These are just a few personal barriers that prevent us from moving forward in having passion in work and balance in life.  How To Live & Work Your Passion and Still Earn a Living by Rosemary Augustine is a self-discovering journey to finding passion in your work while creating balance in your life. 

How To Live and Work Your Passion uses journaling as a process to uncovering your obstacles, and helps you create an understanding of how to work through those obstacles helping you achieve your dreams and maximize your full potential.  

With each chapter, the author includes a series of journaling questions to break through the obstacles, leading to a personal assessment and action plan for moving forward once you discover your passion.   It is a surefire way to stop putting your passion on hold and get at the heart of creating the work you love and the balance you so desire in life.

This book is an excellent resource for the individual who wishes to pursue this journey or for the career counselor / career coach who help their clients through this often difficult and arduous career development process. 

Discover what it takes to live and work your passion and still earn an income.  Chapter after chapter, the author tells stories of why people can’t live and work their passion, and has you discover how easily you can work through your obstacles using journaling as an effective method.  This book is a self-help guide uncovering the deepest answers within each of us.

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In 2001, Author, Rosemary Augustine, traveled over 1800 miles to live and work her passion.  A  writer since she was a teen, by age 21, she lived in Europe, Los Angeles and for 20 years, Denver, CO.  With the release of her second book, she realized she wasn’t doing what she was telling others to do.  “I loved Colorado, it was my home and I have many friends that are family to me.  I also had a longing to live by the ocean, live in a small town, and travel to do the work I do best.  With making this move from Colorado to the northeast United States, I finally feel I can say I’m the role model for walking the talk.”  She is the founder and sponsor of www.careeradvice.com and is listed in Who’s Who of American Women. 

Rosemary Augustine’s first book is entitled Facing Changes In Employment and deals with changes in our lives during downsizing or job loss, addressing fear and other barriers in the way of a successful job search.   After spending 20 years in Corporate America, Rosemary left to make her own career change in 1990.  A career consultant / coach since 1991, Rosemary focused her energies on helping people transition to their dream job, changing careers doing something they love or starting a business making a difference in other people’s lives.  In the summer of 2012, she released her 3rd book titled: 365 Days of Creative Writing, offering journal prompts for every day of the year.  In 2013 she released two more books: Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats and 29 Things To Do.  She continues to write and publish books and now makes her home in Melbourne, Florida.  

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