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Adventures with Byron

Adventures with Bryon

Love Poems and Entertaining Stories of Life

with an Enchanting Feline Companion

by Rosemary Augustine

Title:  Adventures with Byron

Author:  Rosemary Augustine

Publisher:  Blue Spruce Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-943581-01-6

Price:  $15.95

Soft Cover Book with Trim Size: 5 x 8 inches

Page Count:   150 pages

Contact Info: 610.647.8863

Contact the Author: info@RosemaryAugustine.com

Contact the Publisher: info@BlueSprucePublishing.com

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About Adventures With Byron:

Few were afraid of him, most were in awe of him. His markings and stature suited his namesake. And his presence when he entered a room made people stop and stare. Lord Byron, King Kat of the Augustine household. Making all the rules for others to live by, and smiling at you with that toothy fang grin. You will laugh, cry and wonder… along with wander across the United States on numerous treks with Byron. You will also share those moments of tough decisions and celebrate his life.  As you read the stories and poems, you decide whether you can decipher the line between who is the human and who is the feline. A truly enchanting companion, now, years later, he still holds a special place in many a heart.


Cooking in the Kitchen: I’ll always remember sitting with you in the kitchen while you cooked dinner.  It was a pleasure sharing that chore with you. Remember the time you filled the dishwasher and pushed “start” and then returned to cooking on the stove? You often did this.

But this time to my surprise within minutes, we were being engulfed in soapsuds.  But your back was to me so you paid no notice.  As I called to you, you ignored my cries, thinking that I probably wanted to taste the savory dish you were cooking and your thoughts were that I had enough.

Suddenly, I let out a loud yell and startled you enough this time to turn and look at me, engulfed in soapsuds spewing from the dishwasher.  “Turn that thing off” I thought, “and get me out of here.”  You quickly snatched me up and flipped the dishwasher lever to ‘off’… saving me once again.  As we ran from the kitchen laughing so hard, we suddenly fell down crying, and continued crying from laughing so hard.

Dinner was not lost, but what a job cleaning up all those bubbles that were three feet high in the kitchen.  We had a good laugh about it even years later.  It was just another day of memories I’ll take with me filled with your laughter.

Tornado Alley: First the rain came, then the thunder and lightning. But when the siren blared, it was time to take cover.  We headed to the basement and hovered under the stairs like war-torn refugees.  I trembled in my partner’s arms fearing I would be taken for some unknown reason. She was scared too. The windows rattled like a child desperately trying to exit a locked door.  Frightened, we sat and waited for it to pass. What was minutes seemed like hours. Our hearts beating to the rhythm of the torrential rain pounding against the concrete.  This was like no other storm. We had taken shelter in the past, but nothing came as close as this one.  We waited – our hearts beating faster and faster.  Was this ever going to end? Suddenly, there was calm, the siren stopped and we emerged unscathed once again.  My partner, my hero, kept me safe during one of Denver’s most destructive tornados. It was May 1987, and the path missed us by a few blocks. But the sound … oh that sound – like a freight train headed right for me. I’ll never forget that sound.  This was one adventure I could do without.

In the words of the author:

My decision was to write the words from Byron’s voice, giving this story a unique sensitivity.  It is this perspective of our life together – his eyes looking back at me – which results in giving Byron many human qualities.  As you read the stories, you decide if there are times these words read like two people sharing life and love together, and whether you can decipher the line of who is the human and who is the feline.

Although, I had written many stories about our life together, it was about a year before his death, that I started to keep a detailed journal about him – his eyes looking back at mine –  knowing I was one day going to be without him.  This journal helped complete the stories in this book and helped heal my grief for a deep void that was left in my life.

Adventures with Byron is filled with poems and entertaining stories from a lifetime companion who was truly enchanting.   May you enjoy Adventures with Bryon as much as I enjoyed writing.