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Stepping Stone or Dead End

Stepping Stone or Dead-end Job?

Considering the economy persists in speeding along despite warning signs of a slow down, your future of employability looks bright. However, the wattage of your brightness will depend if you choose a stepping stone or dead-end job.

As you move from job to job along your career path, take into consideration how your resume will look to prospective employers. When you accept that next position, how will it look on your resume – the next time you’re looking for a job? A string of dead-end jobs, chronologically listed, can spell trouble for you. How to tell if your next job is a stepping stone rather than a dead-ender? Ask these questions of yourself after an interview and before you accept an offer:

· Does this position provide professional growth in pace with your profession?
· Will this position utilize as well as strengthen your cross-functional skills?
· Will you have an opportunity to improve upon certain abilities, whether technical, management or marketing oriented?
· Will your technology skills remain current or advance with the marketplace?
· Does the position encourage personal growth as well as professional growth?
· Does the position allow for you to live and work within your value system?
· Does the position complement your personality enhancing your working style?
· Will you maximize your strengths and increase your income?
· Will the position offer promotional opportunities in the future?
· Does the company “walk the talk” when encouraging work and life balance – provide opportunities for additional time off, telecommuting, or flex hours?

Talk to current and past employees as well as your interviewers to get answers to your questions. Most importantly, before you accept your next position, ensure your stepping stone by asking yourself, “what is the next job that I will seek, once I’m ready to move on from this one?”

Good Luck – whatever your transition. And may you live and work your passion – everyday!

Rosemary Augustine – Author and Founder of www.CareerAdvice.com