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Archive for December 27, 2016

Year in Review

As we come to an end of 2016, it’s been a great year.  Lots accomplished.  January kicked off with the start of The Self Publishing Group – a monthly teleconference helping Indie authors navigate the business of book publishing.  This is an extension of the Meet-Up group I ran for three plus years in the Philadelphia suburbs.  If you know someone who wants to participate, please let them know of the link:  www.bluesprucepublishing.com/group.


In the spring, an eclectic store named Every Nook and Cranny in Mt. Dora, Florida accepted my art work and books to sell to customers. I’m excited, since I am selling my art – mixed media and collage items along with my cat books.  Here are a few samples.


I also spent most of the 1st six months revamping my book Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats – adding additional text / pages, photos/graphics and a new cover.  secrets-i-learned-hard-coverMy goal was to take it to a hard cover, but the only print on demand company (Ingram Spark) that offers hard back covers did not meet my standards for satisfaction.  I will be adjusting the size of the softcover book that is available on Amazon.  Long story but you can read all about my dealings with Ingram Spark at:  www.bluesprucepublishing.com/category/blog.

The summer months were glorious here in Florida with long hot sunny days that yielded much use of the fantastic swimming pool at my condo.  It was a chance to visit with neighbors and get some exercise.  The summer also brought the sudden death of my beloved feline, Ziggy.  Totally unexpected, yet it threw me into a 4 hour block of amnesia.  I have no recollection from the moment I found him until I returned from the ER with my neighbor.  It took a toll on my health with heart and digestive issues for several months.  His ashes rest with my other felines on a special shelf in my home.

By the end of October, however, I adopted two new kitties – Oscar (an orange tabby) and Zora a calico, that are six years old and litter mates – a brother and sister.  They are curious, full of mischief and just a couple of little loves.  Surprisingly, they adapted to my home very quickly, considering they’ve been passed around a lot in the last couple of years (original owner died and in/out of foster homes that didn’t pan out to be permanent).  They love the screened patio that overlooks lots of wildlife.  They are very spoiled.



If you are on Facebook, and are already one of the 2000+ followers on Ziggy’s page, thank you! Check out Oscar and Zora at Ziggy’s Secrets on Facebook.

As the fall approached, I did a little traveling to favorite spots including a short trip to Denver.  Frustrated by the election, I pulled way back on my personal Facebook page.  However, I would spend time sifting through cat videos and photos for Ziggy’s Secrets or add pictures to my boards on Pinterest – find me on Pinterest at Journal Queen. There were weeks that I would only post on Pinterest and Ziggy’s page.  These two sites Pinterest and (Ziggy’s Secrets) brings me much pleasure.  It’s my way of dealing with the election, various world events, and all the daily craziness of life.

As we move into 2017, let’s enjoy it to its fullest, since we don’t know what will happen.  After losing Ziggy so suddenly, it makes me realize we can be gone in a flash. Live in the moment, be grateful for the day and enjoy the holidays.

Wishing you all the best for 2017.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.

Warmest Holiday Regards,

Rosemary Augustine

~ ~ ~