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June 30th Update

Well, it’s the last day of June!  End of the 2nd quarter and half of the year has gone by so far.  In six months, tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve.  It’s just another sunny day here in Melbourne, FL.  So far enjoying my new home, my new city and all that it has to offer.  But I’ll give you a good laugh for a Tuesday… The name of my Condo Complex is Fairways Four Condominiums and we are situated on Mallard Landing Golf Course in Melbourne. I’ve been wondering what hole I’m on as I see golfers out my window on the other side of the pond.  I often hear them yell after hitting the trees or hear them curse because they made a bad shot.  So one evening after dinner I took a walk toward the entrance and where the golfers cross to continue to play in front of my building.  I had a really good laugh when I saw that the hole is “Four” … you’d think it would have registered for me with the name Fairways Four.  Oh Well… I laughed for days on that one.

Meanwhile, Ziggy is having a ball.  He acts like we never moved and just loves the patio and all the critters that taunt him, including birds, squirrels, frogs, ducks, egrets, salamanders and only God knows what else.  Hopefully you have visited him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MyCoolCatZiggy.  We are currently in a month-long ad campaign on Facebook and so far he has 217 “Likes” as of this writing. He has surpassed my author page by over 100 “Likes” … so I guess that means he’s more popular than me on Facebook!  He posts things like: “TGIF – Thank God I’m a Feline” and “No, I’m not pole dancing, I’m resting against the patio table leg.”  He loves the warm afternoons and muggy evenings and comes in to get cool when it’s time for bed.

Talking about Facebook, if you follow me at all I want to clarify my different pages.  My personal page you’ll have to send a “Friend Request”; my author page and Ziggy’s page you just need to “Like” to follow either of us:

Personal Page: www.facebook.com/Rosemary.Augustine

Author Page: www.facebook.com/AuthorRosemaryAugustine

Ziggy’s Page: www.facebook.com/MyCoolCatZiggy

As for me, I started an acrylic painting class and of course I’m attempting to paint a picture of Ziggy next to a  pineapple.  I’ve been making a few crafts and most importantly, I’ve been writing, working on finishing my new cat book titled, Adventures with Byron.  There is an excerpt for you to read at my website: www.RosemaryAugustine.com/books/Byron.  I hope to get a copy to my editor before she goes into vacation mode with family at the Jersey Shore in August.  Katherine if you’re reading this… you know I’ll work with your schedule.

Thinking of all the projects you want to finish this summer? Have you put together a list of things you want to accomplish before September?  I have and when the list gets too long, I just pick 3 things and it makes life easier and the accomplishing more doable.

Some of you searching for a creative spark may want to join my Journaling Circles.  I provide a prompt every 1st Monday of the month and you work at your own pace and then upload it and interact with others on our private Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/Journaling-Circles.  We’re a small group but we’re consistent, and steadily growing.

Wishing you warm sunny days and cool nights over the next few months, as we’re heading into our hot days and warm nights here in Florida.  The AC is on 24/7 and has been serviced for the upcoming hot summer months.  Here’s wishing you a great 4th of July weekend with lots of apple pie and lemonade.

Warmest Regards,

Rosemary Augustine, Artist and Author

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